• The Jersey Advantage / L'avantage Jersey

    Dec 8, 2016

    The Jersey Advantage

    View or download our 8-page brochure that talks about the efficient and profitable Jersey cow, breed progress, and why the Jersey breed is perfect for today's dairy operation.

    L'avantage Jersey

    Regardez ou téléchargez notre brochure de 8 pages qui parle de la vache Jersey efficace et profitable, des progrès de la race et qui explique pourquoi la race Jersey est parfaite pour l'exploitation laitière d'aujourd'hui et de demain.

  • What Does the Most Profitable Dairy Breed Look Like?

    July 11, 2014

    Have you read The Economic Analysis of Dairy Breeds?
    It is a study that measures the economic performance of seven dairy breeds. It talks about feed conversion, housing, manure storage, the environment, production, calving, veterinarian and pharmaceutical costs, ROI, profit and overall economic performance.

    Before you go to your next sale ...  Jersey Canada Research Brochure
    Before you buy your next cow ...
    Before you invest in your next capital asset ...

    Read the report. The story is in the numbers.

    A summary of the report highlights can be found here

  • Did You Know?

    Jersey Canada and the four regional Jersey associations across the country work together to ensure that the Jersey breed is effectively promoted and services are efficiently offered to Jersey owners. The ultimate goal is to reduce duplication efforts at the national and regional levels while making sure the members are well supported. We live in a very big country where farming practices, herd sizes and economics vary considerably. While each association is unique in their offerings, below is a list of the types of roles, activities and responsibilities that your regional association may include.

    -lobby provincial milk marketing boards;
    -place Jerseys in various sales throughout the region;
    -have presence at relevant trade shows;
    -visit new owners that have bought their first Jersey;
    -facilitate youth functions (calf rallies, youth seminars, etc.);
    -host barn meetings and open houses;
    -be involved in County/Parish shows, meetings and socials;
    -participate in advertising campaigns;
    -assist owners with lapsed registrations;
    -follow-up on transfers.