About Jersey West

Although we are involved with the Jersey breed on many levels, one of the main roles of Jersey West is to support Jersey breeders by coordinating field services in the four western provinces and to liaison with Jersey Canada.

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As an association that represents a very large geographical area, Jersey West is always looking for interested people to help out with various initiatives. For more information on how you can get involved, contact any one of the listed contacts.

About our partner Jersey Canada

Jersey Canada and the four regional Jersey associations across the country work together to ensure that the breed is effectively promoted and services are efficiently offered to Jersey owners. The ultimate goal is to reduce duplication efforts at the national and regional levels while making sure the members are well supported.

We live in a very big country where farming practices, herd size and economics vary considerably. While each association is unique in their offerings, below is a list of the types of roles, activities and responsibilities that your regional association may include:
-lobby provincial milk marketing boards
-be involved in County/Parish shows
-place Jerseys in various sales throughout the region
-regional print advertising campaigns
-have presence at relevant trade shows
-assist owners with lapsed registrations
-visit new owners that have bought their first Jersey
-follow-up on transfers following a sale
-facilitate youth functions (calf rallies, youth seminars, etc.)
-annual meetings and socials
-host barn meetings and open houses

Active Jersey Clubs in the West
Manitoba Jersey Club
Steve Smith (Clanman Jerseys), Chairman
Clanwilliam, MB
tel: (204) 865-2257
email: clanman16@hotmail.com

Henry Delichte (Delichte Farm Ltd.), Secretary
St. Alphonse, MB
tel: (204) 836-2072
email: clubmilk@xplornet.com


Jersey West Contacts:

Anita Norrish
Chilliwack, British Columbia
Tel: (604) 795-5300
email: browncow@nicbc.ca

Joanne Edwards
Nokomis, Saskatchewan
Tel: (306) 528-7707
email: jerseyj06@gmail.com

Tracy Morey
Rochester, Alberta
Tel: (780) 698-2267
email: uniquejersey@gmail.com

Adrian Haeni
Didsbury, Alberta
Tel: (403) 335-3028
email: lonepine@cciwireless.ca

Matthew Graye
St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba
Tel: (204) 434-6844
email: mattgraye@gmail.com