2014 Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year

Jan 27, 2015

Not a contest for any ordinary cow!

Votes have been tabulated and Jersey Canada is please to name Enniskillen Tops Grove Sup-Ex 95-5E as our 2014 Cow of the Year! 

Enniskillen Tops Grove was a ‘once in a lifetime’ cow. As a Supreme Excellent 95-5E she represented the ideal Jersey cow. Grove’s beauty was distinguished by strength, longevity and a wonderful temperament. She held the character of an accomplished show cow at major events, and her true nature was also appreciated when she was led by the children at a small county fair, or in the pasture when visitors from around the world came to the Enniskillen farm.

Grove was an excellent Brood Cow. With 18 progeny on three continents (North America, Europe and Australia), they continue to transmit her best qualities. Grove’s impressive collection of daughters have notable classifications of 2-EX, 5-VG, and 1-GP. As a faithful replica of their dam, her descendants have continued to thrive ringside with winnings internationally.

Grove is that iconic balanced cow that is able to produce at the milk tank, build on the Enniskillen foundation, and score Excellent even after her 10th Birthday - offering both a spectacular mammary system and superior dairy strength. As a successful seven time All Canadian nominee, her love of the showring was evident - when a trailer pulled into the yard, Grove was the first cow at the gate anticipating another competition. Tops Grove’s life was a true testament to the Enniskillen motto: “The herd that stood the test of time” - and she will always have a warm unforgettable spot in the hearts of many.

Best 305(kg): 10-9, 7303 M, 365 @ 5.0% F, 282 @ 3.86% P
BCA: 227-217-231
Lifetime (kg): 8 Lactations ~ 55673 M, 2827 @ 5.08% F, 2231 @ 4.01% P

Congratulations to the breeder and owner, Enniskillen Jerseys of Enniskillen, Ontario, who will receive the 2014 Cow of the Year award at the upcoming Jersey Canada Convention! From production and progeny, to conformation and show success, the outstanding quality of the three Cow of the Year nominees made it a very close race. Thank you to everyone who voted and to our two contenders: Avonlea Renaissance Kookie and Glenholme Saturn’s Anastasia!

Enniskillen Tops Grove