Celebrating 70 Years

Oct 14, 2015

TRADITION: December 1945 marked the 1st edition of the Canadian Jersey Breeder. The magazine certainly looked different than that of today, but The Breeder remains to be the official bilingual publication of Jersey Canada and the main voice for Jersey producers in Canada. Join us in the next issue (Dec/Jan) as we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of The Breeder!

REACH: So why do we continue to produce printed materials in a digital world? Well, for starters, a minimum of 34% of our members prefer mail and/or enjoy print. In our most recent survey (June 2015) 90% of respondents said that they value the content in the magazine.  In fact, 81% of respondents agree or strongly agree with the statement “The Breeder strengthens my personal connection to the association.”

HISTORY: The Breeder is a key tool for Jersey Canada to communicate with members. But it is more than that. Each time we publish an issue, we create a historical reference and print archives are more timeless than digital files. Here at the office we have a library of magazines all the way back to day one, but many of our members (and we know who you are) have their own collection or reference stack.

OPPORTUNITY: The Breeder chronicles farm profiles, significant industry events, awards, market conditions and achievements. It supports programming that many of our members value such as the All Canadian competition and Cow of the Year initiative. Whether is it a listing in the directory or a full-page AD, it is a resource that can help attract buyers.

CONVENIENCE: Whether you are in the barn, on the tractor, or in-line at Tim Hortons, you can take The Breeder anywhere - and we all have downtime in awkward places.  The magazine highlights hundreds of Jersey animals in each issue that have made top lists or have gangbuster results. And regardless of location, language, or whether or not you have reliable Internet, it arrives in your mailbox rain or shine.  

GLOBAL: Over 10% of our print circulation is distributed to 20 countries. Yes, we do upload a digital version of The Breeder onto ISSUU for ‘all the world to see’, but this is well after it has hit the mailbox. One of the exclusive benefits of being a print subscriber and Jersey Canada member means you get to experience The Breeder first. 

OPPORTUNITY: Numerous studies confirm that print media boasts *higher comprehension and provides stronger motivation to respond, when compared with digital media. The tactile and sensory nature of printed physical media simply engages with people on more levels. We know that digital and print have proven to work well together, but the reality is that people are super busy and scrolling through Facebook at a pretty fast rate to make time for other digital commitments such as texting, email, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram and Snapchat. Print is the perfect solution to slow the user down! *(Source: http://www.hiland.com/blog/2015/08/17/better-comprehension-and-superior-results/)

JOIN US: Pay tribute to 70 years of The Breeder with an AD! It’s also the perfect time to express holiday wishes to your Jersey friends and neighbours. Contact Shawna by November 1st to book space. Click here for rates and sizes.