Oct 26, 2016

Jersey Canada is pleased to announce the recipients of our youth and next generation scholarships and awards.

Erica Sayles - Paris, Ontario
Jersey Canada Youth Scholarship Recipient
"My family has passed their true passion for the Jersey breed onto my siblings and I and they have encouraged me to be involved in many things related to the breed. Last year my brother and I registered our prefix, Classic Genetics, with Jersey Canada and have since obtained two heifers, soon to be three." ~ Erica Sayles

Katie Illick - Amaranth, Ontario
Jersey Canada Youth Scholarship Recipient
"I would eventually like to complete a Masters in Dairy Nutrition as I am fascinated in the function of the rumen and feed formulation. I am particularly interested in the balancing of rations and how it effects milk production.” ~ Katie Illick

Michael Haeni - Didsbury, Alberta
Recipient of the Nola Brown Continuous Achievement Award & Jersey Canada Youth Scholarship
"I hope to one day be breeding some of the finest Jersey cows in Canada, and while this is a big goal that I’ll have to work hard to achieve, nothing is impossible if you have a great family alongside you.” ~ Michael Haeni

Full bio's of each recipient will be available in the next Canadian Jersey Breeder magazine.

Our Royal Ambassador

Jersey Canada is thrilled to have Caleigh Van Kampen from Amaranth, Ontario as the 2016 Royal Jersey Ambassador. Caleigh will be assisting us at the National Jersey Show amongst other duties. Please drop by our booth and meet Caleigh!

“I have always had a passion toward Jersey cows and often find myself standing up and advocating for the breed at the University of Guelph. Jerseys are very efficient cows with curious personalities. You don’t have to feed them as much, your barn doesn’t have to be as large, and they produce quality milk with high butterfat, protein and milk solids - resulting in better value for your dollar. It is also scientifically proven that Jerseys have the highest meat quality.” ~ Caleigh Van Kampen