Cow of Year Nominees

Oct 17, 2016

Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year Nominees

Not a contest for any ordinary cow!

Jersey Canada is pleased to announce three finalist nominees who have been selected to compete for the coveted Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year. The inaugural award began in 2011 and annually recognizes the achievements of Jersey cows who compete to win the title of Cow of the Year.

The selected cows are Canadian born purebred Jerseys who showcase longevity, production, genetic merit, and strength of pedigree – both the nominees and winner of this interactive contest are great ambassadors of Canadian genetics.

The candidates for the 2016 Canadian Jersey Cow of the Year competition are as follows:

Avonlea Mischief’s Magnolia ET ~ Sup Ex 92-4E
Breeder: Avonlea Genetics Inc., Brighton, Ontario
Owner: Unique Stock Farm, Rochester, Alberta & Robert Jarrell, Corbyville, Ontario

Green Hectares Extreme Vallie ~ Sup Ex 91-5E
Breeder: Stan Coleman, Innisfail, Alberta
Owner: Bramville Jerseys, Nokomis, Saskatchewan

Maughlin Jamaica Durango ~ Sup Ex 93-8E
Breeder & Owner: Maughlin Farms Inc., Rockwood, Ontario

November 4, 2016 – voting begins
January 9, 2017 – voting ends 

There are three ways to vote: on-line, email and in-person, and although each prefix/farm/person can only submit one vote, you do not need to be a Jersey Canada member.