It Just Makes Sense

April 6, 2016

Social media will always reinvent itself. It’s digital and fast moving. The newer channels of communication like Instagram or Snap Chat allow people to connect in formats that are unique to their individual style. 

Today, a customers experience is the entire process of researching, identifying, buying, sharing and interacting. While digital media might work for you, there are a great number of people that don’t hold much credibility to postings. This is why traditional print formats are experiencing a come-back. This is particularly important when establishing/building a brand (your farm name), or promoting a high quality pedigree (a cow family/animal/progeny). 

It takes engagement but credibility is derived by building meaningful trusting relationships – which is not easy to do with social media – where postings quickly get lost in a multitude of content - if it was ever seen at all. 

The solution is to build your brand and/or promote your product with supporting information (features/benefits). This is best accomplished through print advertising and an extra bonus if you can launch that same AD or animal through your social media network. Those messages provide repetition and are an excellent reminder to the reader/viewer. 

Jersey Canada’s Canadian Jersey Breeder is your national publication for Jersey breeders and is distributed to ALL members as well as subscribers world-wide. It’s free on-line and has attracted over 56,000 impressions on If your marketing goals include establishing credibility for your Jersey brand in Canada then it makes sense to reach 100% of your market with an AD in The Breeder. 

Although we announce class winners for select shows, we are not just a show magazine. We publish production data, Star Brood lists and Excellents. Genetic evaluation highlights are along side of this information. We educate our readers on dairy, animal health and management topics. We interact with members and offer information to help them improve their herd. We share success stories and news about the Jersey community. We support Jersey Canada programs by recognizing top Jerseys and the people behind the breed. 

If your advertising budget cannot accommodate an AD in every issue, that is okay. For example, depending on your Jersey inventory or recent classification results, just be sure to select one issue that makes sense to you. Don’t be afraid to showcase your genomic data. And lastly, never underestimate a thank-you to your buyers. Repeat customers are the strength of any business – their success is your success - and expressing your appreciation is very powerful. Plus it tells others that perhaps a breeder with very strong cow knowledge is in your barn and your animals fit his/her dairy philosophy. 

New channels do not replace old ones. The digital world … the mobile world … and the print world work together, but if your message is not being seen by your core market, Jersey owners, then maybe it’s time to consider an AD in the Jersey Breeder. 

Contact Shawna to chat further. View our Media Kit for prices and sizes.

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