Policy Change – Registering Jersey Males

Feb 22, 2013

Effective April 1, 2013, the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) will offer “open access to breeders for genotyping any herdbook registered males.”

An important requirement for genotyping males in Canada is that all bulls must be registered in the breed association herdbook prior to the release of any genomic evaluation by CDN to any person or organization.

The Jersey Canada constitution requires the following for registering Jersey males:
20.3   Properly identified Jersey males may be registered if they are considered purebred.
20.4   All males must have their parentage confirmed by a genetic test at the time of registration in order to be included in the Jersey Canada Herd Register.

Jersey Canada supports the use of genomic evaluations within the Jersey breed, and as a result the Board of Directors has made the following policy change for registering Jersey males in Canada:

• Properly identified Jersey males may be registered if they are considered purebred. 
• Applications for registering males will be accepted temporarily for 120 days, pending a genetic test to confirm parentage. 
• The genomic test will be accepted domestically for parentage verification. 
• If, after 120 days, the parentage for the animal in question has not been confirmed by a genetic test (either genomic or micro satellite), the animal in question will be removed from the Jersey Canada herdbook with no refund of the registration fee.

This policy change will take effect April 1, 2013.

For more information about genotyping Jersey males in Canada, please visit the CDN website:  http://www.cdn.ca/home.php.