2014 All Canadian Competition - Judges Section

2014 All Canadian Compeition

Welcome to the 2014 All Canadian Contest, sponsored by Agri-Brands Purina. Thank you very much for participating as a judge in this contest!

Below you will find the information you require for judging each class. If you require any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact Kathryn at kathryn@jerseycanada.com or (519) 821-1020 ext 23.

Please return your completed Judging Form by Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

Using the Judging Form, please indicate your choice for All Canadian ("AC"), Reserve ("RES"), and Honorable Mention ("HM") for each class.  Also, please indicate your choice for Champion Heifer and Champion Cow at the bottom of page 3.


2014 Judging Form (copy was emailed to you)


Click on the class name below to view the nominees.

4-H Calf 

4-H Yearling

Junior Calf

Intermediate Calf

Senior Calf

Summer Yearling

Junior Yearling

Intermediate Yearling

Junior Herd (note: 2 pages)

Milking Yearling

Junior Two Year Old

Senior Two Year Old

Junior Three Year Old

Senior Three Year Old

Four Year Old

Five Year Old

Mature Cow

Breeder's Herd (note: 2 pages)


Please be sure to indicate your selection for All Canadian with "AC", Reserve with "RES", and Honorable Mention with "HM" on your Judging Form.

Also please select an overall Champion heifer and cow.

Please email your completed Judging Form to kathryn@jerseycanada.com, or fax it to (519) 821-2723 by Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

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