All Canadian Competition

About the Jersey Canada All Canadian Competition

In its 61st year (since 1955), the All Canadian contest is a Jersey Canada award program that recognizes top cows in the show circuit. Traditionally these cows enjoy the attention and prestige of being named an All Canadian. Along with their photo and qualifying show placing's, winning and nominated cows are showcased in the February issue of the Canadian Jersey Breeder publication as well as listed on the Jersey Canada website and announced through email and social media channels. For each Class, All Canadian champions receive an award at the Jersey Canada annual general meeting.

The Jersey Canada All Canadian program is proudly sponsored by Agri-Brands Purina.

Application Process

1] Please note: A $25 fee will be billed for EACH All Canadian entry form entered.

2] Once the MSWord contest form is downloaded, make sure you 'Save As' before you start filling it in (you can then use the same original download for all of your submitted animals instead of having to download it each time). Your computer may prompt you to give it a unique name. Once it is all filled out be sure to save it on to your system with the proper name that is required for submission before emailing it to us: 'Class Entry - Cow Name'. Details are outlined on the entry form.

*NEW* Enter Online: Click here to enter online.

Download: 2016 All Canadian Contest (MSWord - fillable form) (PDF - non-fillable form)
Deadline: November 28, 2016

What Class is Your Jersey In for 2016?
Although each show will vary in the type of classes that are offered, we have a chart that will help you with the appropriate age and class for your female Jersey cow. 

Having trouble with the form?
Perhaps you need a PDF Reader installed on your computer. It's FREE. Visit Adobe Reader to install the correct version for your computer. You only have to do this once and it provides the capability to handle all of the PDF files that come across your desk. 

Still having issues?
Call us at (519) 821-1020. We will be sure to have a digital version that you can work with. Alternatively, you can fill out the form manually and fax it to us at (519) 821-2723.


All Canadian FAQ

What are qualifying shows?

Each year, our Show Committee chooses a selection of shows that are qualifying All Canadian shows. They base it on the number of head shown previously as well as anticipated progress and momentum of the show. It is not an exact science as they cannot always predict the number of head that end up 'showing'. The Jersey animal must be shown in at least one Canadian show to be entered into this competition.

What is the main criteria to be considered for a qualifying show?

The main criteria is the number of head. In Ontario and Quebec, a qualifying show must have 55+ Jerseys participating. In Western and Atlantic Canada, the number of head is 40+, and in these two regions it can be an All Breeds show. 

What about non-qualifying shows?

If your animal participates in a non-qualifying show where 55+ Jerseys (Ontario/Quebec) or 40+ All Breeds (West/Atlantic) were shown, there are three fields on the All Canadian application to list the shows and placings.

Are there contest rules?

Yes there are. Click here for contest rules.

Looking for a judge?

Our Judges List can be found here!


Results from Previous Years

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2011 Results 

2009 Results


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