Board Activities

Board Activities

The Jersey Canada Board of Directors recognizes the importance of open communication between Jersey Canada, the four regional Jersey associations, and our membership.  As a result, Jersey Canada will circulate a summary of Board meetings throughout the year to each of Jersey West, Jersey Ontario, Jersey Quebec, and Jersey Atlantic.  Meeting summaries will also be publicly available on the Jersey Canada website.  Our goal is to ensure that all Jersey Canada members have access to the same accurate information relating to board activities, regardless of location.

The Jersey Canada Board of Directors meets in person twice each year: at the time of the Annual General Meeting every spring; and in the fall for a Mid-Year Board Meeting.  The Board also meets by conference call approximately six times per year.


Meeting Summary - Oct 17-18, 2013

Meeting Summary - Nov 27, 2013

Meeting Summary - Mar 4 2014

Meeting Summary - Mar 20, 2014

Meeting Summary - Mar 23, 2014 

Meeting Summary - May 13, 2014

Meeting Summary - Aug 12, 2014

Meeting Summary - Oct 17-19, 2014

Meeting Summary - Dec 12, 2014

Meeting Summary - Mar 19, 2015

Meeting Summary - Mar 22, 2015

Funds Available for Jersey-Focused Youth Activities

Meeting Summary - Oct 14-15, 2015

Meeting Summary - Dec 15, 2015

Meeting Summary - Mar 17-20, 2016 


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