Distinguished Service Awards - Historical List

Distinguished Service Award

Periodically the Jersey Canada Association will present a Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes a unique long-term commitment to the betterment of the Jersey cow in the areas of leadership, promotion, genetic improvement, marketing - open to any member of the Jersey fraternity. Few such awards have been given in the history of the Association as this is the highest honour recognized by Jersey Canada and is therefore awarded when deemed appropriate. Selections are made by the executive committee of Jersey Canada.

late 1970's Jean Grisdale
1983 Cameron Honderich
1986 Mae Barichello
1990 Francis M. Redelmeier
1993 Donald H. McCaig
1994 Frank Stenger
1996 Norman Bagg
1997 Albert Taylor
1998 Grant Butcher
2000 Stan & Marg Coleman
2001 Hugh MacDonald
2004 Ross Campbell
2005 Dewitt Lister
2006 Brian & Donna Sayles
Russell G. Gammon
2009 Emerson & Heather Kinkaid
2010 James Mortson
2011 Clifton Berry
2015 Gary Bowers
2016 Matthew Graye
2017 Charlie Thomson
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