Jersey Canada Logo

The Jersey Canada logo is available for download from this web page. If you require a different format, please contact us

Low Resolution (80 kb)          High Resolution (162 kb)

Jersey Head 


Jersey Head/Maple Leaf


Logo Guidelines

Only reputable individuals, organizations and corporations whose image, product or services do not conflict with Jersey Canada’s mission or values may be considered as users of ‘the logo’. 

Only the official logo may be used. Hand-drawn or altered versions are not permitted. The user cannot add decorative or other elements to ‘the logo’ design or place ‘the logo’ in questionable locations. 

‘The logo’ will not be used in any way that could be interpreted as:
- Harmful to the reputation or image of Jersey Canada or its events;
- A false or implied endorsement or sponsorship;
- A violation of any law, regulation, public policy or the rights of others.  

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