It’s true. Being a Jersey Canada member can save you money in animal registrations and transfers. A registered Jersey with proper identification and pedigree information also increases in value. But there is more to being a member. Your membership says that you have a passion for the Jersey breed and you care about the future of dairy farming. It offers you marketing options and the chance to get involved in programs, contests and awards. Membership also means that you are now part of our Jersey family, and whether it's farm tours, meetings, or you are a virtual fan on Facebook, our family likes getting together and talking about cows. 

Learn More: Contact us and request a FREE member information kit. The Jersey Owners Manual is part of the Jersey Canada 'info kit'. The 'info kit' is sent to new owners and interested parties and includes information about what Jersey Canada does and how we operate; information on health, nutrition and the economic benefits of Jerseys; a membership form; and a copy of the most recent edition of the Canadian Jersey Breeder magazine. If you know of someone who might benefit from an ‘info kit’, please contact our office. Whether you are a long-time Jersey Canada member, a first-time Jersey owner, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help.

If you are a member and would like a fresh updated hardcopy of the Jersey Owners Manual, please contact us.

Owners Manual

Jersey Owners Manual (revised August 2015)Click here to view or download (please be patient as it will take about 30 seconds to fully view the PDF)

Annual Membership Types

Regular & non resident  – enjoys all the benefits
Junior – up to 21 years of age and enjoys all of the benefits except the right to vote

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Top 10 Reasons You Can Benefit from Membership

1] Registration = Profit.
Registered Jerseys bring in more profit, dominate the Canadian market and are highly regarded globally. Selling an animal with proper identification and pedigree information gives buyers more confidence and increases the value of the animal – it also opens up A.I. incentives. For every animal registered you receive lower rates (than non-members) – and after registering just a few animals your membership has paid for itself. 

2] Data Integrity.
We are the gatekeepers of Jersey data - and good information helps you make good decisions. Whether it is pedigrees, classifications, production or show winnings, our data recording system is at your fingertips and can give you what you need to invest in resilient Jerseys. As reputable stewards of information, we are responsible and accountable to the herd book, our members and the breed.

3] Your Association.
Voting privileges ensure you have a voice, and ultimately your membership says you support the breed, care about its future and can make a difference.

4] Strength in Numbers.
We are a national association with deep roots in the dairy industry. Rules, regulations and requirements continue to change so we collaborate with experts, partner with leaders and participate in progressive programs to ensure a vital future for the breed.

5] Communication Hub.
We have something for everyone to keep you informed and educated all year long. Our renowned Canadian Jersey Breeder publication (4 issues) has a subscription value of over $35 and is included with membership. Our website, eNews, blogs and social media vehicles allow us to interact with you digitally. Advertising options are available to help you market your assets.

6] Recognition.
Members are eligible for awards that acknowledge leadership, successful breeding programs, top performing cows and astute management practices. We encourage education and provide financial support for youth and young adults through scholarships.

7] True Competition.
We provide a virtual showring for breeders to reveal the show results of top animals and compete for the prestigious All Canadian and Cow of the Year status. Respected industry accolades used to promote a cow, herd or family will build your brand/prefix.

8] Sharing.
Through events such as farm tours and our Annual General Meeting, we are here to bring the dairy community together and connect you with ‘like-minded’ individuals to exchange ideas, celebrate and have some fun. Our team has ‘presence’ at various shows and sales to educate breeders on the’ Jersey advantage’.

9] Insight and Advice.
Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We work closely with our members from coast to coast to help develop a thriving breed. From embryos and genetics to key indicators of profitability - we can answer your questions.

10] Leaders Share Your Passion.
Our Board and Committee volunteers are leaders and they have an extraordinary opportunity to influence our industry. They face present and future challenges and are focused on ‘making things better’ for the next generation of Jersey farmers.

Our motivation is simple, the Jersey breed, although small, has proven to be important to the future of dairy.

Searching Pedigrees On Your Mobile Device

The pedigree database is a very popular spot for owners and breeders of Jersey cattle. Thousands of animals are searched each month through this portal to help with breeding and management decisions, or it is used to find fellow Jersey breeders.

If you have an iOS or Android device, ABRI also has an application (app) from Internet Solutions for mobile access. The app takes a minute or two to set up and is a great option for quick searches to view pedigree, progeny and member information. If you require more details on each animal, such as production records, show results, and awards, it is best to visit the pedigree database from the Jersey Canada website. While the app is great for quick searches when you are 'on-the'go', the web site portal can offer you a more complete picture - it just depends what you are looking for. Read more ... 

Payment Options

Jersey Canada clients can submit payment to Jersey Canada through online banking. We are set up as a “Payee” so bills can be paid through your online account or through your customer service representative at your financial institution. (Note: Jersey Canada does not offer pre-authorized payment). For more details, contact Phyllis at (519) 821-1020 ext 100.

We also accept credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), cheques and money orders.