Nola Brown Continuous Achievement Award

The Nola Brown Continuous Achievement Award honours the memory of Ms. Brown, who was a dedicated and proficient Jersey Canada staff member during the 1990s until her untimely passing in July 1999. Nola Brown exercised great leadership skills, was an active volunteer in her local community in the Guelph, Ontario region and was a life-long learner.

Past Recipients:

2010 - Melissa Sparling, Varna, ON and Sean Smith, Clanwilliam, MB

2011 - Beverly Chard, Mission, BC

2012 - Casey Morey, Rochester, AB

2013 - Alexandra Hayes, Creston Valley, BC

2014 - Lee Morey, Rochester, AB

2015 - Caleigh Van Kampen, Amaranth, ON

2016 - Michael Haeni, Didsbury, ON