On-line Prefix Registration

Selecting a Herd Name (Prefix)

This online form can be used to request a prefix for registration of Jersey animals. You may use the same prefix that you use for another dairy breed if that prefix is not already registered to an existing Jersey owner. Cost to register a prefix is $5 plus applicable tax.

Upon proper application and payment of the prescribed fee, Jersey Canada will allocate a name or combination of letters and/or numbers for the use of a breeder.  The Association reserves the right not to allocate names that are identical or similar to names already allocated or that are misleading or inappropriate. Owners of allocated names may authorize other members of their breeding enterprise to use their herd name. When discontinuing their breeding enterprise, owners of registered names may transfer their registered name to another breeder. (Jersey Canada bylaw 16.3)

  • Choose Your Herd Prefix (should not contain accents)

  • Choose Your Tattoo Letter Combination (optional)
    3 or 4 letters
    Cost: $5 plus tax.

  • For validation please enter the text shown into the field below. Refresh Image

    CAPTCHA Image
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