Our Services

As gatekeepers of Jersey data and providers of multiple tools and programs, Jersey Canada helps breeders make good decisions. Our services can support your profit model, assess the breeding value of your Jerseys, improve your stock, build on your investment, and develop the breed as a whole.

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- Registers, records and transfers ownership of Jersey animals.
- Administers and protects the animal's registered name and the breeder's prefix.
- Facilitates genetic testing and monitors genetic improvment.
- Migrates production, classification and genetic data into each pedigree for a complete picture.

Client Support:
- Provides extended pedigrees of registered Canadian Jerseys.
- Verifies if bulls from another country are considered purebred in Canada.

- Answers questions about key indicators of breed profitability.
- Highlights successful Jerseys.
- Maintains an up-to-date website.
- Posts show results.
- Comunicates and connects through eNews and social media.
- Distributes Jersey information kits.

- Promotes the Jersey breed and its benefits.
- Publishes and distributes the Canadian Jersey Breeder publication globally.
- Provides print and digital marketing options.

- Supports regional Jersey associations across Canada.
- Partners with experts within the agricultural sector.
- Serves internationally through the World Jersey Cattle Bureau.
- Brings the dairy community together to learn, share and network.
- Visits farms and engages with producers.
- Educates new and potential Jersey owners.
- Coordinates farm tours, participates in industry events and attends shows/sales.