Ralph J Barichello Memorial Award - Historic List

Ralph J Barichello Memorial Award Recipients 1986-2015 

This award recognized an outstanding long-term contribution to the agricultural industry in Canada and ended in 2016.

1986 Gordon & Barbara Souter, BC
1987 Dr. J. Clare Rennie, ON
1988 John E MacDougall, ON
1989 Dr. E.B. (Ted) Burnside, ON
1990 Merv McQuarrie, ON
1991 George Aylard, BC
1992 Dr. George C. Fisher, ON
1993 Dr. Morris G. Freeman, ON
1994 Dale Cole, AB
1995 David Schmidt, BC
1996 Brian Van Doormaal, ON
1997 Robert Chicoine, QC
1998 Arne Mykle, BC
1999 Elmer Buchanan
2000 Douglas Blair, AB
2001 Calvin Covington, Florida
2002 Art Rampton, MB
2003 Rick Vanderwall, BC
2004 Rick McRonald, ON
2005 Gay Hahn, BC
2006 Debbie Lee, AB
2007 Malcolm MacGregor, ON
2008 Pierre Laliberté, QC
2009 Dr. Gord Atkins, AB
2010 Dr. Ann Godkin, ON
2011 Neil Petreny, ON
2012 Jacques Laforge, NB
2013 Dick Heapy, MB
2014 Bill Vanderkooi, BC
2015 Tom Byers, ON
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