All Canadian Winners

Jan 5, 2016

Jersey Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 All Canadian Contest!

In its 60th year, the All Canadian contest is a Jersey Canada award program that recognizes top cows in the show circuit. Traditionally these cows enjoy the attention and prestige of being named an All Canadian.

Nominees in each class were chosen by the All Canadian Selection Committee. In confidence, judges from All Canadian qualifying shows reviewed the nominees and submitted their placings which were then calculated to determine the All Canadian, Reserve and Honourable Mention for each class. All Canadian winners will be presented with an award at the Jersey Canada Annual General Meeting.

The Champion Cow of the 2015 All Canadian Contest is highly decorated Musqie Iatola Martha ET, owned and exhibited by Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna, WI, USA. Martha was bred by Musqie Valley Farms in Nova Scotia and named Supreme Champion at the 2015 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and Reserve Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo.

The Champion Heifer of the 2015 All Canadian contest is Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia, owned by Milk Source Genetics, and exhibited by Milk Source Genetics, James Alexander (breeder), and  Tyler and Debbie Brander (breeder). Nostalgia was the Reserve Junior Champion at the National Jersey Show at the 2015 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and placed fifth in the Winter Heifer class at World Dairy Expo. 

Jersey Canada would like to thank Agri-Brands Purina as premier sponsor, and Barney Printing for their generous support of the All Canadian program. 

All Canadian - Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia
Reserve - Minister Grace ET
Honorable Mention - Lorivale Tequila Hopalong
Nominated - Maplebrough Tequila Darcy ET
Nominated - Avonlea CF Starstruck ET
Nominated - Brenbe HG Gorgeous

All Canadian - Avonlea Made Some Mischief ET
Reserve - Arethusa Impression Veramonte ET
Honorable Mention - Willow Creek Reagan Marissa
Nominated - Schulte Bros Tequila Dreamer
Nominated - Jacquard Gangster Beatrice
Nominated - Lookout Gentry Brookala

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - Lookout River Baby
Reserve - Rapid Bay Cheer of Glory
Honorable Mention - Paullor Austen Roulette
Nominated - Brenbe HG Gorgeous
Nominated - Jolibois Noisette Tequila
Nominated - Tanbark Monsoon Molto Vivace                         

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia
Reserve (Unanimous) - Kellogg-Bay Salvation Response ET
Honorable Mention - Rolling River Press Release
Nominated - Lookout Gunning For Fame
Nominated - Avonlea CF Starstruck ET
Nominated - Paullor Austen Ruffle

All Canadian - Lorivale Tequila Hopalong
Reserve - Derouin Tequila Madone ET
Honorable Mention - Maplebrough Tequila Darcy ET
Nominated - Linda Lous Counciller Layla ET
Nominated - Minister Grace ET
Nominated - Edgelea Tequila Phoebe

All Canadian - Rapid Bay Velocity Hettie
Reserve - Willow Creek Reagan Marissa
Honorable Mention - Avonlea Made Some Mischief ET
Nominated - Jacquard Gangster Beatrice
Nominated - Lookout Gentry Brookala
Nominated - Rapid Bay Gunman Confess                         

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - Charlyn Impression Bindy
Reserve (Unanimous) - Arethusa Vespera
Honorable Mention - Charlyn Keeper Eralyn
Nominated - Arethusa Impression Veramonte ET
Nominated - Drentex Reward Presley
Nominated - Maker Minister Vavoom ET                         

All Canadian - Arethusa Impression Sunshine ET
Reserve - Arethusa Impression Solaris ET
Honorable Mention - Marlau Tequila Fable ET
Nominated - Drentex Gentry Sochi
Nominated - Glenholme Excitation Nina
Nominated - Rapid Bay Gentry Dina Deja

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - ARETHUSA: Arethusa Vespera, Arethusa Impression Solaris, Arethusa Impression Sunshine
Reserve - RAPID BAY: Rapid Bay Velocity Hettie,  Rapid Bay Gunman Confess, Rapid Bay Cheer of Glory
Honorable Mention - CHARLYN: Charlyn Impression Bindy, Charlyn Keeper Eralyn, Charlyn JK Shimmer
Nominated - LOOKOUT: Lookout Gentry Brookala, Lookout Gunning For Fame, Lookout River Baby
Nominated - AVONLEA: Avonlea CF Starstruck ET, Avonlea Tequila Tickles ET, Avonlea Made Some Mischief ET

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - EDN-RU Tequila Prissys Prilly
Reserve (Unanimous) - Marlau Joel Maria
Honorable Mention - Bridon Velocity Ramble
Nominated - Veronicas Valued Impression ET
Nominated - Paullor Return Jacinta
Nominated - Rapid Bay Redpath Glowbug

All Canadian - Marlau Tequila Farren ET
Reserve - Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip
Honorable Mention - Bri-Lin Premier Solstice
Nominated - Scottiere Kacey Tequila
Nominated - Charlyn Perennial Impress Netty
Nominated - Drentex Gold Glamourous                         

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - Crossbrook HG Dixie ET
Reserve - Marlau Tequila Bang Bang
Honorable Mention - Opportunity Hired Gun Viper
Nominated - Kentville Candy Tequila
Nominated - Avonlea CF Breezes' Baby
Nominated - Hillacres Impression Shady

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - Pleasant Nook Tequila Daiquiri
Reserve (Unanimous) - JL Vincent Sapphira
Honorable Mention (Unanimous) - Avonlea Koffeetime At Arcadia ET
Nominated - L'Ormiere Piedmont Leiny
Nominated - Missiska Arrow Venus
Nominated - Paullor Vivitar Ramble                         

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - Rapid Bay Getaway Belle ET
Reserve - Homeridge B.Honey
Honorable Mention - RJF Iatola Magic
Nominated - Pleasant Nook Action Posh
Nominated - Charlyn Colton Eve
Nominated - Rapid Bay Request Galantry                         

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - Musqie Iatola Martha ET
Reserve - Pleasant Nook Tequila Energy
Honorable Mention - Avonlea Comerica Velvet ET
Nominated - Dutcholm Excitation Lucita
Nominated - Marlau Socrates Arcadios ET
Nominated - Pleasant Nook Action Frisky                         

All Canadian (Unanimous) - Arethusa On Time Vogue ET
Reserve (Unanimous) - Paullor Giller Rilee
Honorable Mention   Pleasant Nook Sultan Jetta
Nominated - Bridon Iatola Polish ET
Nominated - Marlau Comerica Fabienne
Nominated - Lorivale Excitation Kayla                         

All Canadian (Unanimous) - Arethusa Response Vivid ET
Reserve - DC Harmony Norma
Honorable Mention - Paullor Giller Glinda
Nominated - Huronia RBR Bree 37R
Nominated - Pleasant Nook Senior Jetstream
Nominated - Rapid Bay Gorgeous Giggle ET                         

All Canadian
(Unanimous) - PLEASANT NOOK: Pleasant Nook Tequila Daiquiri, Pleasant Nook Action Frisky, Pleasant Nook Tequila Energy
Reserve - MARLAU: Marlau Joel Maria, Marlau Tequila Farren ET, Marlau Socrates Arcadios ET
Honorable Mention - AVONLEA: Avonlea Premier Chocolate Chip, Avonlea Koffeetime At Arcadia ET, Avonlea Comerica Velvet ET
Nominated - PAULLOR: Paullor Giller Glinda, Paullor Giller Rilee, Paullor Vivitar Ramble
Nominated - RAPID BAY: Rapid Bay Redpath Glowbug, Rapid Bay Getaway Belle ET, Rapid Bay Gorgeous Giggle
Nominated - RJF: RJF Iatola Sadie, RJF Tequila Salsa, RJF Iatola Magic                      


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