Hoof Care Video Launch

May 25, 2016

Lameness is very serious and costly, and the most visible animal welfare issue on Canadian dairy farms.  In 2014, the Canadian Dairy Information Centre identified lameness as the #3 reason for culling, as over 20,000 cows were reported culled due to foot and leg problems. Lameness is also known to lead to reproductive failure, disease, and loss of milk production, ultimately slowing breed improvement. 

With an understanding that uncomfortable cows are less likely to become pregnant, and produce to their full genetic potential, Jersey Canada’s Genetic Improvement Committee decided the time was right to produce some educational resources about proper hoof care on dairy farms. 

Animal welfare and proper hoof maintenance is an industry-wide concern, not unique to any one breed or management system. As a result, this project was a joint effort, generously supported by Jersey Canada, Holstein Canada, Semex, and Dairy Farmers of Canada. Together, a series of eight short videos were produced addressing correct hoof trimming techniques, and the impact a quality hoof trim has on locomotion and injury prevention. 

Expert hoof trimmer, Kiyoshi Kamei of Beeton, Ontario, demonstrates hoof care essentials for the video series. Mr. Kamei is a respected hoof trimmer with over 30 years experience caring for the hooves of Canadian dairy cattle. His clients include the Shurgain Research Farm, Semex Alliance, Alta Genetics, Rocky Mountain Holsteins, Continental Holsteins, Rexlea Jerseys, Avonlea Genetics, Enniskillen Jerseys, Grayclay Jerseys, and many other quality dairy producers. Mr. Kamei is renown for his understanding of preventative hoof care and maintenance, as well as dairy foot and leg physiology. 

Throughout the video series, viewers will learn why proper hoof care is considered the foundation of cow health. The videos tell a story on how to observe locomotion to assess overall hoof health, how to trim feet to maximize cow comfort and traction, as well as discuss how foot angle and bedding type play a significant role in which techniques to use when trimming. 

Each video will be released in the weeks to come and can be accessed from the Holstein Canada YouTube channel.   

Remember, in many cases, cow lameness is preventable through a carefully managed hoof-trimming program. Grab a coffee or a cup of tea and join us to watch the Hoof Care video clip series as your schedule permits. Thank you to our partners and many individuals for your collaboration and support to help all dairy cattle across the country reach their full potential.

Video 1: Hoof Care: The Foundation of Cow Health

Video 2 – Locomotion:  The Key to Assessing Hoof Health 

Video 3 - Trimming for Comfort and Traction

Video 4 - Exceptions to Consider When Trimming Various Breeds

Video 5 - Foot Angle: A Small Adjustment Goes a Long Way

Video 6 - Bedding Makes a Difference

Video 7 - Testimonials from Dairy Farmers

Video 8 - Final Thoughts from Kiyoshi Kamei 

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