Jersey Products

Looking for Jersey products in Canada? Here are just a few that exist: 

100% Jersey Goodness

At Jersey Canada, we are all about promoting dairy products that are 100% Jersey. If you would like to promote your products that are sold at retail (in Canada) on our webpage, contact us

  • Miller's Dairy
    7280 Simcoe County Road 9, Creemore, Ontario

    Produces Jersey Milk! 

    Product availability:
    Store listing on Miller's Dairy website above.
    Miller Dairy Jersey Chocolate Milk
  • Fromage Warwick
    1 rue Lemay, Warwick, QC, J0A 1M0
    t: (819) 559-8080
    Fromage Warwick cheese is produced from Jersey cows at Ferme Lemeric.

    Jersey Products:
    The cheese plant specializes in unsalted cheddar cheese, cheese curds and cheddar.

    Product Availability:
    Fromage Warwick cheese is sold at the on-site retail store (located at the cheese plant), IGA in Warwick, and Bonichoix in Kingsey Falls.
    Fromage Warwick
  • Fromagerie Le Detour
    Notre-Dame-du-Lac, QC
    t: (418) 899-7000   |    e:

    Produces cheese from cow, sheep & goat milk
    Jersey milk supplied by Ferme Marquis

    Artisanal cheese factory produces more than 30 products.

    Product Availability:
    Retail store
    Distributed in Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada and the Northeast U.S.A.
  • Les Bergeries du Fjord
    La Baie - Saguenay, QC
    t: (418) 543-9860   |   e:

    Produce cheese from cow and sheep milk
    Jersey milk supplied by Pierre Girard (Jersey du Fjord)

    Jersey Products:
    Belle de Jersey (semi-soft, raw milk); Jersey du Fjord (Cheshire, raw milk)

    Product Availability:
    On-site retail store
    Available at specialty cheese shops in Québec
  • Laiterie Charlevoix
    Baie-St-Paul, QC
    t: (418) 435-2184   |   e:

    Jersey milk supplied by Ferme Stessi

    Jersey Products:
    L'Hercule de Charlevoix

    Product Availability:
    On-site retail shop and dairy museum
    Distributed at cheese shops and supermarkets throughout Quebec
  • Fromagerie des Cantons
    Farnham, QC
    t: (450) 293-2498    |    e:
    Jersey milk supplied by Ferme Janecek

    Artisanal Cheeses made with raw milk
    La Brise des vignerons, El Nino, Zéphyr, Sirocco

    Product Availability:
    Retail shop, booth at Jean-Talon market in Montreal
    Available at specialty cheese shops in Québec
  • La Moutonnière Inc.
    Ste-Hélène-de-Chester, QC
    t: (819) 382-2300   |    e:
    Jersey milk supplied by Ferme Stémajy

    Jersey Products:
    Le Sein d'Hélène, made with half Jersey milk and half ewe milk.

    Product Availability:
    Retail shop, booth at Jean-Talon market in Montreal
    Available at specialty shops in Québec
  • Jerseyland Organics
    Grand Forks, British Columbia
    t: (250) 442-8112 | e:
    Certified Organic

    Gouda, Cheddar, Asiago, Parmesan Cheese; Yogurt, Butter and Sour Cream

    Product Availability:
    On-site store; Kootenay & Okanagan regions of BC

  • Moonstruck Organic Cheese
    Saltspring Island, British Columbia
    t: (250) 537-4987   |   e:
    Certified Organic

    Camembert, Tomme d'Or, Stilton and Blue Cheeses

    Product Availability:
    Vancouver and Victoria
    On-site store
    Saltspring Island Farmers Market (summer)
    Mail order (in Canada)
  • Golden Ears Cheeseworks
    Maple Ridge, BC
    t: (604) 467-6730   |    e:

    Milk from Davison Jersey herd.

    Cheddar, Gouda, Havarti, Brie, Feta Cheese; Quark (yogurt), Butter

    Product Availability:
    Farm-gate shop
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