WJCB 2020 Tour

WJCB 2020 Tour & Annual Meeting - June 20 – July 21, 2020

Jersey Canada, along with the experienced travel professionals of Agri-Tours Canada, will be hosting the World Jersey Cattle Bureau (WJCB) Study Tour and Annual Meeting in 2020. Planning is underway with a stellar line-up of farm visits and activities. It is an excellent opportunity to experience the development of the breed in a range of locations. Canada is a beautiful and diverse country and a Jersey tour is also a fabulous way to explore what we have to offer beyond cows. Meet like-minded people that share your passion, network and learn!

We welcome you to join our tour by choosing various options that suit your schedule and travel logistics. Canada is a big country and our itinerary has also been developed to accommodate local visitors that can only escape the farm within their home province.

The tour promises to showcase both traditional and state-of-the-art Jersey farms. A platform for networking will be held not only in the barn, but we will provide a taste of must-see attractions that are essential when visiting our glorious nation.

Below is a preliminary outline of our plans …
June 20-26 - Pre-Tour:  Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Ottawa and Toronto (will include tourist attractions)
June 27-July 3 - Main Tour: all based from Inn of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario) with visits to Oxford, Perth, Brant Counties (tourist attractions include Niagara Falls, Toronto and St. Jacobs) 
July 4-July 9 - Post-Tour: participants fly to Calgary with visits in Red Deer and Edmonton (tourist attractions include Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff)
July 10-14 - Post-Tour: participants have the option of flying home from Calgary, or continuing on to British Columbia with visits to Kelowna, Merritt, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and Vancouver (will include tourist attractions) 
July 15-21 - Post Add-on Tour: California Post Tour (San Francisco to LA)

Join Our Team

A tour of this quality requires a dedicated team of volunteers. Jersey Canada is now looking to establish the following committees for the WJCB 2020 Study Tour & Annual Meeting:

Promotions and Publicity Committee:
- 4-6 Jersey breeders from across Canada, plus 1 representative from Jersey Canada, and 1 representative from Agri-Tours.
- Provide insight and input into methods for promoting the WJCB 2020 Study Tour & Annual Meeting. 

Sponsorship & Fundraising Committee:
- 6 Jersey breeders from across Canada, plus 1 representative from Agri-Tours.
- A critical part of such a major event.
- Recruit sponsorship from various agricultural related companies: feed, supply, genetics, farm equipment, seed, etc.
- Coordinate ‘swag bags’, coffee breaks, lunches, entertainment, beverages, snacks, hosted meals, etc. 

Herd Tour Committee:
- 4-5 Jersey breeders, including one Chair from Quebec, and one Chair from Ontario, as well as 1 representative from Jersey Canada, and 1 representative from Agri-Tours.
- Identify representative Jersey farms to host visits during the pre-tour, main tour, and post-tour. 

Alternate Program & Tourism Committee:
- 4 Jersey breeders, including two from Quebec, and two from Ontario, plus 1 representative from Agri-Tours.
- Arrange tour opportunities for those attending the program, but not necessarily involved in WJCB business meetings, etc. (e.g. museums, art galleries, shopping, historic/scenic sites, attractions, unique Canadian destinations). 

Banquet and Registration Committee:
- Organize both ‘Welcome’ and ‘Farewell Banquets’, including meal selections, decorations, guest speakers, guest seating, etc.
- The Banquet Committee should have a sub-committee of volunteers for the Registration Desk on arrival day(s) and during the tour to accomodate the arrival of day-by-day attendees.

For more information and/or to sign-up, contact Kathryn Roxburgh, Jersey Canada General Manager: (519) 821-1020.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In this day-and-age of fundraising, everyone receives requests from many organizations annually. Whether it is providing milk on the bus, on-farm coffee breaks or financial support - sponsoring agricultural events has many benefits and reflects your passion, values and commitment to the well-being of the industry.  Jersey Canada is looking for this type of support for the Canadian World Jersey Cattle Bureau (WJCB) tour and annual meeting in June/July of 2020. Although this event is a few years away, planning has begun and we invite you to consider joining us as a sponsor and look forward to your participation as we showcase Canadian Jersey cattle and our beautiful country that we call home.

Canada plays an important role in cattle genetics and breed efficiency and has its pulse on the economics of dairy farming and what that means to the individual producer. The Jerseys small body size and impressive metabolic system can be the perfect fit to meet the profit model of many farm operations locally, nationally and globally. In 2020, dairy enthusiasts from around the world will come together to learn, network and enjoy what the Jersey breed has to offer, and in particular, Canadian Jersey cattle.

Jersey Canada, along with the experienced travel professionals of AgriTours Canada, will be hosting the WJCB 2020 event and we have three levels of sponsorship. Pre and post tour activity will also take place beyond Ontario in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, with an option for a California add-on tour as well. Each level of sponsorship provides an opportunity for marketing and/or the ability to ‘give-back’ and contribute. We welcome all support as it helps us shape the tour in its infancy. 

Principal Sponsors - SUPREME EXCELLENT (SUP-EX)
SUP-EX level sponsors support premium conference events and activities with outstanding opportunities to promote their organization and its products/services. Examples: dinners, conference guest speakers, facility/technical visits, entertainment, motor coach day tours, premium financial contribution. 

Major Sponsors - EXCELLENT (EX)
EX level sponsors support major events and gatherings and receive excellent visibility and the chance to engage with industry participants and visitors. Examples: major financial contribution for pre/post tour meals, giftware (jackets, hats, notepads), silent auction items, grab bags featuring sponsor logos, conference audio-visual rental.

Supporting Sponsors - VERY GOOD (VG)
VG level sponsors have the wonderful opportunity to be included by providing in-kind donations and contributions. Examples: coffee breaks, meeting rooms, technical visits for day trips, box/bag lunches, and other daily requirements. No offering is too small and VG support is important to the overall experience of a world class tour. 

Please join us and call today!

For more information on sponsorship and how you can be a part of this world class dairy event, please contact Richard Buck at AgriTours Canada. All donations will be sent to Jersey Canada care of the Sponsorship Committee to prepare and plan for the dairy event of the decade. Richard Buck, AgriTours Canada Phone: (519) 826-4077    1-877-683-5742 (N.A.)   For a PDF version of Sponsorship Opportunities click HERE!

About the World Jersey Cattle Bureau (WJCB)

The WJCB represents Jersey breeders and their respected organizations/associations around the world. It is incorporated on the Island of Jersey and is run out of the United Kingdom. 

What does the WJCB do?

- Creates opportunities for on-going improvement to ensure that Jerseys are the sustainable choice for every dairy farmer;
- Collaborates with individuals and Jersey organizations to generate research, promote, and educate about the Jersey breed and provide opportunities for Jersey products in all parts of the world;
- Supports the discovery and development that leads to improved methods of breeding, feeding and management of Jersey cattle;
- Coordinates a set of advisors to assist its members;
- Encourages an exchange program for young people interested in the Jersey breed.

The WJCB is best known for its Jersey tours!

JETA 2018

The Jersey Educational Travel Award(JETA) is an exceptional opportunity to develop leadership skills and network with many Jersey breeders from around the globe. The JETA programme provides funding for up to five young people between 18-40 years old, to participate in the 21st International Conference of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau, held June 23rd to July 1st, 2018 in Ohio, USA.

Application deadline: February 12, 2018 to Jersey Canada. For information and to see if you qualify, read more.

For more information, visit http://www.worldjerseycattle.com/ 

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